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Why volunteer?

Why volunteer?

  • Be part of something great! Help us make this happen!
  • As a volunteer you'll be supporting Reaction Tour in their global reach to under privileged children.
  • Earn your exclusive Reaction Tour Volunteer T-Shirt.  Trust me, your friends will be jealous.
  • Speaking of friends, bring them along!  Volunteering with friends and family makes the day even more memorable!
  • And, of course, the chance to chuck colored powder at people!  Need I say more?

Are there age requirements for volunteering?
All volunteers must be at least 14 years old.

What if I have a large group that wants to volunteer?
Great!  Please email lkevlin@kcm.org for more details to get your group signed up!

How do I sign up to volunteer with just a few friends?
Please have your friends complete the registration form below. When you arrive on race day, just let our staff know that you're together and they'll assign you to the same area!

What should I wear?
All volunteers receive our exclusive The Color Run t-shirt.  Besides this, wear something you don't mind getting colorful! Also, feel free to add your own flair to your outfit!  Colorful boas, hats, socks, tutus etc. make things even more fun!

Can I run AND volunteer?
Our race day positions last the duration of the run - hopefully as this annual race grows, we will be able to accommodate volunteers to be able to participate in the run as well in the future. 

Still have questions?
Email: lkevlin@kcm.org