Reaction Tour Highlight 2019

In June 2019, Reaction Tour and team held our first Navajo Nation Tour! We partnered with Pastor Ellson Bennett, local and native pastor, to put on one truly life changing gathering. Our workshops included fine art, job skills, media, music, and vision class. We are able to build and bless this community with new teepees for housing not only for this gathering, but for many more to come. We know that the Lord has called us there to help come alongside young people and walk with them through the many life challenges that this local community is facing. Our hope is that we would help ignite a fire for their God-given passions and dreams and equip them to pursue them. God bless!


Heather's Story

This is a story captured on our most recent tour of a young woman who turned her passions into a means, not only to support her family, but to be a blessing to her local Navajo community. We were so excited and inspired by her focus and dedication to make a difference. We hope you will find hope and inspiration by her story.