Chick-fil-a + Reaction Tour by Courtney Copeland

We have the opportunity to partner with Chick-fil-a to support Reaction Tour!


When: April 14th 5:00 - 9:00 pm

Where: Chick-fil-a Alliance Town Center [2870 Heritage Trace Parkway]

How: 1. Go To Chick-fil-a at Alliance Town Center between 5 & 9 on April 14th

         2. Mention Reaction Tour when you order

         3. Eat chicken

        4. Be happy!

Why: When you do this, 20% of the sales from that night will be donated to Reaction Tour!

What is Reaction Tour:

Reaction Tour exists to empower kids around the world, through the display of God's love, using the avenues of sports, discipleship, dance, and music. We do this by putting on camps in underprivileged areas around the world! We are going to India this May to do two 3-day camps for a total of 400 kids. We will be doing our first camp on American Soil in Haltom City, Texas this summer, and we will return to Uganda for a 5-day camp for 500 kids at the end of the year! These camps are free for the kids who attend. Each camper receives a t-shirt, all meals for the week, shoes, training in their activity, Love of the father, and the word of god during their time with reaction tour!

To understand Reaction Tour a little bit better, watch this video from our camp in Uganda earlier this year. 


Help support Reaction Tour to empower kids around the world by eating Chick-fil-a for dinner on April 14th! 


Can't make it to this event? You can still support Reaction Tour. 

Jeff McQuitty by Courtney Copeland

Jeff was our videographer for RTUganda16. He was a great team member and created beautiful videos displaying the various aspects of camp! Read about his experience with Reaction Tour. 

If you had spoken to me back in November, I wouldn't have believed you if you told me that in a month's time I would be in Africa filming a sports camp for 500+ kids. But lo and behold, there I was; New Year's Eve, on a plane traveling halfway across the world to a place I'd never been with 25 people I'd never met. I'd be lying if I said that the thought 'what on earth am I doing here?' didn't run through my head once or twice. Or every few minutes. But by then I was already at the point of no return, so I sat back and watched The Martian, trying not to think about it.

Hi, my name is Jeff, and I currently live in Austin, Texas as a freelance videographer, and honestly it's surprising that I was on this trip at all. One day my roommate came to me and said that this non-profit in Fort Worth needed a last minute videographer and asked if I'd be interested in going to Uganda in three weeks. Always a sucker for adventure, I said yes, and that's how I was introduced to Reaction Tour. Long story short? Nope. Short story... still short. 

When we finally arrived in Uganda, I was immediately overwhelmed with the beauty of the country. Going from a gloomy Texas winter to this tropical paradise was a welcomed change. One of the first kids I met, a boy named Ian, said it best; "Isn't Uganda amazing? The warm climate, the lush vegetation. Uganda is amazing", he said with a proud smile. Yes, Ian, yes it is. 

When camp started, my job was the bounce around and film all the different activities going on, as well as edit the daily videos that we would upload and share with everyone back home. And to be honest, I was a little nervous. Not so much with the work itself, but with my role. You see, it's very easy for videographers to hide behind the camera and feel detached and isolated from what they are shooting; in some ways it's just the nature of the job. But I wanted this to be more than just another gig. I wanted to walk away having experienced the Lord in a way I never had before. I hoped to connect with the people on the team and with the kids, and just to feel part of something bigger than myself.

And thankfully, that's exactly what happened. The Reaction Tour team was so gracious and welcoming, and I always felt a part of the group. Everyone continually poured themselves out for one another, even in those moments when they had every excuse to be selfish. And of course one of the greatest parts of my job was getting to hear all the different stories of how the Lord was moving among these people. Yes, there were stories of tragedy and earth-shattering heartbreak, but they were always followed up with abounding redemption and joy. It was unbelievably humbling. The Lord reminded me this week of the peace and joy that comes from walking with Him, and that He is the true well spring of all things good. Even as I spent hours alone in a hot, sweaty classroom editing, I still felt an inexplicable excitement. His presence was tangible. 

I truly hope that the videos of camp gave you a glimpse into the experience we had that week, because it was truly a remarkable example of the body of Christ moving, even amidst incredible odds. Thank you everyone so much for your prayers and supporting the Reaction Tour team. Lives were changed this week with eternal significance, and I'm just glad to have been a part of it.

- Jeff

You can check out more of Jeff's work here:

Thank you by Courtney Copeland

Because of your obedience in sowing into this ministry, so many seeds were planted into the lives of many youth in Uganda. Support for Reaction Tour comes in many different ways. There are those of you who have bought sponsorship t-shirts that cover the cost for one child to attend our camp, others have spent time praying for our team and the hearts of our campers, many have donated cleats or other equipment for camp, and lots have committed to supporting Reaction Tour financially. Each of these avenues of support are important and highly valued. We thank you so deeply for the impact that you have made in the lives of 500+ youth in Uganda this past month.

We wanted to share with you what Reaction Tour was able to bless these kids with while they were at camp with us. Each camper got to choose what their main activity was going to be while at camp, and the leaders of each activity got to give their kids an activity related gift. 

Soccer players got cleats. 
Basketball players got basketball shoes.
Dancers and volleyball players got athletic shoes.
Leadership class students got notebooks.
Beauty class students got nail polish, a bracelet, Abba, and a Proverbs 31 study sheet.
Worship workshop students got a Worship Devotional and Dara Petty and Michael Howell's CDs.

All campers attended 10 worship and teaching sessions, received 3 meals a day, and participated in extensive training for their desired activity.  

Reaction Tour was able to bless these children so abundantly because of our support from people like you! We want to thank you for that. We appreciate you and the part that you are playing in God's plan. 

UGANDA: Day 5 by Courtney Copeland

Day 5- our last full day of camp. Our hearts are filled and our hopes are high for these youth. There's no doubt that change took place beyond tomorrow. We truly believe these people have been affected in a way that only God could have orchestrated and we are so excited. 

UGANDA: Day 4 by Courtney Copeland

The theme at camp this year is Leadership - a topic that we knew the campers would be so excited about. From day one, they were like sponges, taking in every piece of wisdom. Everyday, we heard amazing and practical leadership messages from our very best, Pastor Donnie and Grant Skeldon. What we began to notice was that day-by-day, their chins rested a little higher and they walked a little taller. God ignited a spark in them and the leader that was buried deep inside, came alive. We give all praise to the Lord for those who really got. We desire for all of them to leave understanding their potential and worth, and as I write this, we have hope that the future leaders of Uganda were marked by God this week at Reaction Tour.

But something beautiful happened also - God did a work in those who have carried the orphan spirit for far too long. The Lord poured out His unconditional love and those who have struggled with Him were set free from those chains. I don't have to tell you that the father figures here in Uganda may not always hit the mark and many of the campers come from very broken homes. However, God knew what they truly needed all along - they needed their daddy God. This year, Reaction Tour invited Jenny Kutz to speak to the campers and she shared the message of the Father's love. What a message. We believe that the fatherless found a father and the motherless found a mother. We believe that those who felt unimportant found purpose. We can't put into words the transformation we've seen happen but all we can say is JESUS IS ALIVE and UGANDA IS HIS!

Isaiah 64:8

"But now, O Lord, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand."

Kait Ballinger

UGANDA: Day 3 by Courtney Copeland

How is this?


Along Reaction tour, 2016, there have been life changing encounters and revelations in the presence of God that will forever leave a mark of his goodness in Uganda. After a sweet time in God's presence during the first worship session, there were Over eight kids that received the gift of the holy spirit! 

Across the next few classes, we were able to equip the kids with practical technique that they can use to steward there gift as well as give insight on the heart bind worship. Our times in worship this week have been so sweet. It is such a beautiful thing and a privilege to get to travel all across the world to join up with brothers and sisters in christ, all of different race and nationality, and to acknowledge that although we are different, we are all God's children. I can't wait to see what good things God is storing up to pour out next year! #RTUganda16

John Michael Howell

UGANDA: Day 2 by Courtney Copeland

It's currently day 5 of our trip, day 2 of camp.

It feels like we have been here for weeks.

"May their hearts be prepared for what You have for them..." - our prayer going into this trip. It has been the most humbling experience for that to be exact state of everyone in attendance upon arrival.


We have the honor of impacting these people in a way The Lord can only set up... We speak to them in their language here.. I'm not talking about Lugandan. I am talking about their passions..

For the ones that want to break the spirit of poverty and make a name for themselves, we have a Leadership Breakout. Today, they practiced job interviews and learned how to communicate to crowds properly. Tomorrow, we will hear their ideas of different start up businesses and critique them to the point of investment.

For the women who have had value stripped from them, we have our Beauty Breakout. Yes, they learn great beauty tips here. However, the priority of this class is that no one leaves without the true knowledge of their identity in Christ. Inner beauty is the only thing that matters.

We have a class for Worship as well. We have been teaching them skills to the point that they will be able to return to their land and lead a worship set on their own.

We have been speaking on the heart of worship and the fact that the last thing worship is about, is a platform.

Not to mention all the sport breakouts that are happening... Leadership is our theme for camp and this is taught in every huddle, and on each sideline. There are some very talented and gifted kids here. It's so great to see them grow in their gifts.

The ministry time has been amazing. I don't have words to describe the work that God has done. I know with all my heart it will continue throughout the week. Please continue to pray for us as the week continues.


Courtney Copeland

UGANDA: Day 1 by Courtney Copeland


Reaction Tour 2016 has officially kicked off! I want to acknowledge everyone who sowed into Reaction Tour for this trip! We are so thankful that we get to sow amazing equipment into the lives of 500 kids here in Uganda. Because of your obedience to sow into this ministry and into The Kingdom, so many hearts have been softened to receive The Word that The Lord has prepared for them. We wish you could see this yourself, but hopefully this video will give you a good idea of what took place on our first day.

There have been many that have already given their hearts to The Lord and have been filled with The Holy Spirit! This is just the beginning of an amazing week.