UGANDA WAS A SUCCESS / by Courtney Copeland

At the beginning of January we returned from Uganda - BEST YEAR YET!

I want to start out by first apologizing about the delay in getting this report to you all! We hit the ground running into 2017!

I have no words to describe our trip to Uganda. Now that I have had time to reflect and think about work there, I am even more pleased with our team and the accomplishments that were made.

THE HOLY SPIRIT WAS PRESENT - There was a Holy Ghost Party in Uganda this year! We saw miracles, redemption, deliverance, and salvations take place all week long!  

Sports, classes, services, and worship were all on another level this year! Because of how amazing every area of camp was, I am going to have the leads each write their own blog post from their own perspective to help to the story of Reaction Tour Uganda 2017. 

Check back here for good reads and testimonies from the trip! 

Watch some of our favorite moments here!