HOME from I N D I A / by Courtney Copeland

I N D I A was amazing to see the Lord move.

 Earlier this month, we took a team of 13 to Hyderabad, India, to host two, 3-day camps for about 400 kids!

The trip started off with a few trials. The whole team arrived at the airport ready to rock-and-roll. About 10 minutes before we were supposed to take off, they announced that the entire flight had been cancelled! Now, if you’ve travelled before, then you know how extremely frustrating this is. Imagine having 10+ people in your group and having to figure that out. In addition, a couple of our team members actually lost their passports at the airport the night our flight was cancelled, so there were a few tears and emotions involved in the process of getting that situation resolved. BUT the Lord was there with us in those moments and we were able to ALL be on the same flight out, the following day! Because of the delay, we had to re-arrange our camp schedule a bit, but the culture in India is very relaxed and we had no issues adjusting our plans for the two weeks. We knew that the Lord must have big plans for the week, since the enemy was trying to attack us in so many ways. When it was time for camp, the children were beyond excited! In the mornings we would walk in and say, “GOOD MORNING!” and all the kids would respond with a huge smile and scream, “GOOD MORNING!” ...It was truly a beautiful sight to see. We played games, taught the children worship songs, did fun crafts, shared the different characteristics of Jesus with them, and loved on them during our time with there. Each child received their very own pair of shoes and a Reaction Tour t-shirt! We learned that these items were likely the first brand new shirt and shoes that these children have ever received, and you could tell they were so thankful and grateful by the enormous smiles on their faces! We taught them how to play soccer, basketball, kickball, and volleyball- and they gave us a cricket lesson or two! By the end of the week, we had created strong relationships with the children of Inida, despite the language barriers.

 Jesus was moving in India and He was accepted into the heart of 206 children!

 We want to thank you for your continued prayers and support. The Lord is using Reaction Tour to impact the world and we are grateful for the role you are playing through prayers, sponsorship, and financial support. Without the Grace of God, and your obedience to sow into Reaction Tour, NONE of this could have happened.

 To see what took place on our trip, watch our recap video!