Thank you / by Courtney Copeland

Because of your obedience in sowing into this ministry, so many seeds were planted into the lives of many youth in Uganda. Support for Reaction Tour comes in many different ways. There are those of you who have bought sponsorship t-shirts that cover the cost for one child to attend our camp, others have spent time praying for our team and the hearts of our campers, many have donated cleats or other equipment for camp, and lots have committed to supporting Reaction Tour financially. Each of these avenues of support are important and highly valued. We thank you so deeply for the impact that you have made in the lives of 500+ youth in Uganda this past month.

We wanted to share with you what Reaction Tour was able to bless these kids with while they were at camp with us. Each camper got to choose what their main activity was going to be while at camp, and the leaders of each activity got to give their kids an activity related gift. 

Soccer players got cleats. 
Basketball players got basketball shoes.
Dancers and volleyball players got athletic shoes.
Leadership class students got notebooks.
Beauty class students got nail polish, a bracelet, Abba, and a Proverbs 31 study sheet.
Worship workshop students got a Worship Devotional and Dara Petty and Michael Howell's CDs.

All campers attended 10 worship and teaching sessions, received 3 meals a day, and participated in extensive training for their desired activity.  

Reaction Tour was able to bless these children so abundantly because of our support from people like you! We want to thank you for that. We appreciate you and the part that you are playing in God's plan.