UGANDA: Day 3 / by Courtney Copeland

How is this?


Along Reaction tour, 2016, there have been life changing encounters and revelations in the presence of God that will forever leave a mark of his goodness in Uganda. After a sweet time in God's presence during the first worship session, there were Over eight kids that received the gift of the holy spirit! 

Across the next few classes, we were able to equip the kids with practical technique that they can use to steward there gift as well as give insight on the heart bind worship. Our times in worship this week have been so sweet. It is such a beautiful thing and a privilege to get to travel all across the world to join up with brothers and sisters in christ, all of different race and nationality, and to acknowledge that although we are different, we are all God's children. I can't wait to see what good things God is storing up to pour out next year! #RTUganda16

John Michael Howell