UGANDA: Day 2 / by Courtney Copeland

It's currently day 5 of our trip, day 2 of camp.

It feels like we have been here for weeks.

"May their hearts be prepared for what You have for them..." - our prayer going into this trip. It has been the most humbling experience for that to be exact state of everyone in attendance upon arrival.


We have the honor of impacting these people in a way The Lord can only set up... We speak to them in their language here.. I'm not talking about Lugandan. I am talking about their passions..

For the ones that want to break the spirit of poverty and make a name for themselves, we have a Leadership Breakout. Today, they practiced job interviews and learned how to communicate to crowds properly. Tomorrow, we will hear their ideas of different start up businesses and critique them to the point of investment.

For the women who have had value stripped from them, we have our Beauty Breakout. Yes, they learn great beauty tips here. However, the priority of this class is that no one leaves without the true knowledge of their identity in Christ. Inner beauty is the only thing that matters.

We have a class for Worship as well. We have been teaching them skills to the point that they will be able to return to their land and lead a worship set on their own.

We have been speaking on the heart of worship and the fact that the last thing worship is about, is a platform.

Not to mention all the sport breakouts that are happening... Leadership is our theme for camp and this is taught in every huddle, and on each sideline. There are some very talented and gifted kids here. It's so great to see them grow in their gifts.

The ministry time has been amazing. I don't have words to describe the work that God has done. I know with all my heart it will continue throughout the week. Please continue to pray for us as the week continues.


Courtney Copeland