Get Personal / by Courtney Copeland

GET PERSONAL with Reaction Tour!

This January, Reaction Tour will be back in Uganda to hold their fourth camp on African soil! As you probably know, sports are a large portion of the activities that take place during camp. One of Reaction Tour's goals is to make training sessions and workouts as legitimate as possible. A big part of making that possible is by providing the kids with great sports equipment! We want YOUR SOCCER CLEATS, BASKETBALL SHOES, and ATHLETIC SHOES! New/Used/Worn/Un-Opened → WE WANT THEM! By providing kids with the right kind of foot-gear for their activity, we are not only making their camp experience more fun, but also gaining an opportunity to bless the children of Uganda! 

Shoe specs we are looking for:

-Girl Sizes: 5.5 – 10 (U.S. Women Sizes)
-Boy Sizes: 6 – 15 (U.S. Men Sizes)

The age of our campers this January, are 14 – 18 years old and we are expecting 500 in attendance! Help us reach our goal to provide our activities with great sports equipment!

 Instructions for mailing shoes: Please box and label your shoes to the following address:

KCM - Reaction Tour
Fort Worth, TX 76192
Attn: Courtney Copeland – Shoes

Thank you for being a part of what Reaction Tour is doing! Keep Reaction Tour in your prayers as the team gets ready for their upcoming trip!

Feel free to post on your own social media sites about our shoe drive! Use the images below and be sure to tag @ReactionTour in your posts! #RTuganda16