Let Me Tell You About Our Shirts / by Courtney Copeland

This is our NEW Sponsorship Shirt!


In 2014, Reaction Tour introduced the Sponsorship Shirt. When you purchase a shirt for $35, it provides all funding necessary for 1 child to attend camp with us for one week.

When a Reaction Tour Sponsorship Shirt is purchased, it provides the following for a child:

                                A pair of economically suitable shoes

                                18 Meals

                                All transportation necessary to arrive and depart to and from camp

                                Everything to accommodate a child’s stay for one week at camp grounds

                                10 sessions of worship and teaching sessions on The Word

                                All sporting equipment for the child’s activities

One Shirt Equals One Child’s attendance for camp. When a child attends Reaction Tour, it is our goal that they leave with a changed life by teaching and showing these kids the love of our Father- to teach them their identity in Christ and the life that God desires for them to obtain. It is our hope that when the children return to their homes, the people around them have no choice but to react to the love of God now apparent on them. It is our wish that these children are greatly impacted by the teaching of the love of God, that such a strong reaction will take place inside of them and they are forever changed.

If you would like to order a Reaction Tour Sponsorship Shirt: