Today is the Day / by Courtney Copeland

Today, is December 31st. It is the last day in the year of 2015. The last day to decide your New Year Resolutions, and prepare to countdown from "10."

For the Reaction Tour Team, it is something bigger than that. Today, we leave for Uganda. Today, we start a journey that will transform lives; the native and the foreigner. As we get ready to board our plane and begin our 16 hour flight, I ask you to be in agreement with me for a few things. The Word says, "One can set a thousand to flight, and two can set ten thousand." Well, I'm asking for an army- my family, to go to battle with us starting with prayer over the following:

Be in agreement that hearts will be prepared in the youth that we are about to reach. That the ears and eyes of their understanding will be open to receive what The Lord has for them. That the team members ministering and leading this camp are in complete surrender to the Holy Spirit- all personal agendas put aside.

Take authority with us that we have supernatural favor with everyone we come in contact with: the airlines, hotel clerks, rental companies, the government, customs, and every person we interact with. Pray that our hearts are yielded to His voice: we only say what we hear our Father say and we only do what we see our Father do. Our footsteps are guided by the Holy Spirit and we are in the right place at the right time, surrounded by the right people: Psalm 91.

Lastly, believe with us that the relationships made on this trip with the Ugandan People will last a life time. That the words we speak will plant seeds that the enemy can never steal, kill, or destroy.

This will be our fourth camp in this location. We are so excited to plant new seeds and water the ones planted in the years past.

Our theme for camp this year is Leadership. It's the perfect theme with the passing of Pastor Dongo, we want to teach the young people what it is to be a leader- in their family, in their workplace, and in their nation. I am still saddened by Pastor Dongo's passing because I miss him so much. However, the righteous vengeance that has built up inside of me towards the enemy is the perfect motivation- I am so excited to kick butt and make this the best camp ever. #ForHimandForDongo

Be following our journey here on the website, but especially Instagram [@ReactionTour].

I love you guys, thank you for being my family.

Courtney Copeland