Reaction Tour exists to equip and empower young people around the world to pursue and grow their God-given passions.

We have had the opportunity to host thousands of people over the last seven years at a number of international gatherings. During this time, we held camps and workshops in various skills, which included dance, music, photo, video, sports, business and art.

We are a non-profit, made up of volunteers who are eager to teach and help others grow in their areas of creative expertise. We have seen God transform many young people’s lives, and ignite their dreams.

Our vision is to connect young people to their passions and give them the tools they need to succeed.


The Ballinger’s

The Lord put Reaction Tour on Founder Courtney Copeland's heart in 2011 while visiting Kampala, Uganda. He showed her how to use the avenues of sports, discipleship, dance, and music, to reach the hearts of young people all over the world.

In 2018, the organization transitioned to new owners, Brad and Kait Ballinger. They were previously heavily involved with Reaction Tour leading up to their position. Since the transition, Reaction Tour stepped out from under the former ministry's umbrella, and is now it's own non-profit. Their hope is that God would continue to use Reaction Tour as an outlet to change lives around the world.

Special thanks to our Sponsors!