Prayer is our strongest weapon when going into battle. Please be praying for us ALWAYS. Be in agreement with us on the following:

  1. The hearts of the children. Please pray for prepared hearts, open eyes, and ready ears for the children we will be coming in contact with on our trips. 
  2. Safety. Please be praying for our comings and goings on all Reaction Tour endeavors. Safety for our team entering and exiting countries, safety for the kids in transit and while at camp, and safety for us while at camp.
  3. Favor. Please pray for supernatural favor with everyone we come in contact with- during preparation, traveling, and international encounters. 
  4. Soil that we have sowed into. Please pray for the seeds we have planted, and the soil we have sowed into. The Word says Satan comes to steal The Word. We are believing that the children will be forever changed after being at camp.
  5. Finances. Please pray that the finances will come in to continue to grow Reaction Tour, make camps better, and continue to provide provision for thousands of children around the world.

Sponsor a child to attend camp

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